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Mountain Lions in Wyoming
Mountain lions can also be found in Wyoming.  The mountains near Woods Landing are a good place to spot one. Close encounters with mountain lions are rare in Wyoming. They're generally not confrontational animals.

Biologists from the Game and Fish Department say the number of mountain lions has increased a great deal in Wyoming during the past thirty years. Now it's time to update the old means to controlling the elusive animal. The population of Wyoming's mountain lions is the healthiest it’s been in many years. Vigorous populations can be found in the pinion-juniper country of southwest Wyoming, northeastern Wyoming’s Black Hills, and in mountain ranges throughout the state.

The mountain lion has been controlled as a trophy game class in Wyoming since 1974. One hundred eighty one mountain lions were killed by hunters in 2004, down from two hundred thirteen animals in 2001, says Game and Fish information. More can be obtained at MountainLion.org